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China Leasing Company was established in 1977 and merged with CITC Company in 1995; later, changed its name into Chailease Finance Co., Ltd. (CFC). CFC began proceeding CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) project in 1999 for better competitiveness and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) enhancement.

In 2012, Chairman Mr. Chen was awarded K.T. Lee Administration Metal by Chinese Management Association.

After re-engineering, with the excellent management team, CFC continued to achieve the substantial sales growth and the net income before tax of 2012 accounted to NTD 3.9 billion moreover, the total assets achieved NTD 61.3 billion.

In the future, CFC will not only commit to realize the company vision but also assist the association to facilitate the Finance Company Act to be approved and to improve the mechanism of Taiwan's financial market in order to enlarge the business scope and create new business opportunities in leasing industry.